Turkish Airlines Calls Everyone to See Istanbul in Its New Video

Istanbul, the main hub of Turkish Airlines, now shows itself to also be a stunning global hub as displayed on a new video.

In order to promote “The City of Istanbul”, which we proudly represent all around the world; described by poets as priceless and peerless, Turkish Airlines collaborated with a world-famous talent, well-qualified to display the citys best aspects to produce a powerful promotional video for Istanbul, portraying the many facets of the city.

To that end, we collaborated with Rob Whitworth, a famous British Director and an expert urban filmmaker who constantly develops and integrates new shooting techniques and film editing methods for his work. His previous projects include films for major brands and promotional pieces for Barcelona and Dubai. His work has drawn wide attention and he has received many awards at global film festivals and gained widespread critical acclaim in the global press. In this work, Whitworth captured the most spectacular views of the city to present the viewer with a wonderful experience of Istanbul, whetting their appetite for a visit.

The video combines the historical, cultural and social aspects of Istanbul; each being distinctive, but creating a unique whole when brought together. In developing the promotional film designed to introduce the city to a global audience; the goal was to to bring together the unique historical texture and unifying elements of Istanbul by using the latest and most impressive shooting techniques. The result is a video that intrigues and attracts the attention of people across the globe, tempting them to visit Istanbul.

The video, sponsored by Turkish Airlines, is available in?4K on?YouTube. Whether you know Istanbul or not, we strongly suggest you to watch this visual celebration of our hub.

The link of the video: