Regent Taipei’s azie is a certified Muslim-friendly Restaurant!

With delicious food, superior accommodation, and considerate service, Regent Taipei hopes to welcome the Muslim community!

With the new opening of Taipei-Dubai flights from Emirates airlines, Regent Taipei is proud to cater to more visitors from the Muslim community. Taiwan is a transit stop to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and has become an increasingly popular tourist destination for guests from mainland China, Maylasia, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Through the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Regent Taipei has asked the Chinese Muslim Association for inspection, and we are proud to announce that azie, Regent Taipeis first floor restaurant, has been awarded the Muslim-friendly Restaurant certification, and our specially designed Muslim Guest Accommodation package offers a perfect Regent experience. Regent Taipei hopes to present a thoughtful, bespoke tailor-made welcome for all guests from the Muslim community.

Taiwan welcomed its 8 millionth visitor in 2013, with 10% of Muslim visitors, and although Taiwan has been unfamiliar with the Middle East and Muslim travel market, Regent Taipei aims to increase awareness and popularity for international tourism. With complete acceptance of diversity, Regent Taipei has spent months researching and implementing dining, service training, and accommodation adjustments for the Muslim community. We are proud to present a warm welcome with a brand new menu and specially designed accommodation for our Muslim guests!

At Regent Taipei, Muslim guests may enjoy azies Halal foods (permitted or lawful foods) with specially designated cutlery, separately washed and cleaned. The Halal cuisine is prepared with newly purchased and designated appliances, and meal ingredients are prepared according to dietary guidelines from the Quran. All seasonings, towels, and napkins do not contain any alcohol, and our food and beverage team has created an exclusive new menu that draws inspiration from local and international cuisine. All cooking procedures are in accordance with Islamic guidelines, and the diverse menu includes something for everyone.

Exclusively for the Muslim community, Regent Taipeis Muslim Guest Accommodation Package features specially designed guestrooms with the Quran, Salat times in Taiwan, a prayer rug, and a compass. Furthermore, the restrooms include smart toilets with built-in bidets for cleansing. Our guestrooms have been tested and approved by Muslim guests, and Regent Taipei hopes to offer a warm welcome and a supreme travel experience for the international and local Muslim community.