When youre in your 20s, you feel like youre going to be this young forever ? the world is your oyster, youre at the peak of your youth, youve never looked or felt better and the best part of it all, youve finally gained the independence to see the world on your own terms!

You might not believe it, but right now is the best time youll ever have to just hop on a plane and see the world, before other commitments like work and family get into the picture (all good things, but your life will never be the same again). Also, theres nothing like having something awesome to look forward to!

Its obvious that we love?traveling and experiencing new cultures wherever were at, but weve been all about the places that you need to go to, things you need to see, and yummy food that you need to eat ? one thing weve yet to cover is why you need to travel in the first place!

Experience what its like to be a Muslim in other countries and strengthen your ties with the community

Were a part of a 1.6 billion (and growing!) community, and the world is changing along with us.

Be an ambassador of peace and understand others better while youre at it

Lets face it, we live in an age where Muslims are the subject of stereotypes and scrutiny. We all know that thats not what being a Muslim is all about, but we cant expect others to know us before they meet us, right? By just being ourselves wherever we are in the world, were letting the world know that a Muslim is someone whos all about loving your fellow man, keeping good character and respecting others (amongst other awesome things that we are of course!). After all, actions do speak louder than words

Witness the beauty of the world


You can read all you want about how powdery fresh fallen snow can be


how breathtaking it is to see autumn in all its glory


or to see the sunrise…..


but nothing beats experiencing it first hand! What better way to understand the words of Allah?other than immersing yourself in the world that He has created for us?

Travel through the earthLife of My Heart

Satisfy those cravings and try authentic local food!

Gone are the days when its hard to find authentic local food in countries such as Korea,?Japan, or Hong Kong, and?when we were just confined to visiting Muslim countries. You can say goodbye to packed meals every day and looking on forlornly while the locals chow down on their meals ? were now able to try halal yakiniku, eat our way through the streets of Bangkok?or eat burgers in London!

Be a part of a centuries old Islamic tradition!

Ibn Batutta (one of the greatest travelers of all time, who also was?Muslim), started traveling at the age of 20 and never stopped for the next 29 years of his life. He visited around 40% countries in his time ? thats definitely a great feat for travelers back in the day who didnt have the luxuries that we have in this day and age.

Ibn Batuttavix3ts

Gain new experiences – Your life will be more interesting

Someday, youre going to take over the world and be the CEO of the next big thing ? but how are you gonna get there without first experiencing what life has to offer? Traveling opens you up in ways that you couldnt have imagined, and lets you truly know yourself while youre at it.

Give back, and get back

Traveling is also the best time that youll get to reach out and help others. Instead of just donating online to your local charity, why not volunteer your time to others who are in need wherever in the world you are?

VolunteerZakat Foundation of America

It makes us more grateful for our blessings, and humbler in our everyday life. Theres nothing like the feeling of making a difference in someone elses life.

Learn planning and budgeting skillsand how to just wing it!

Theres no better way of learning how to be an adult other than trying to plan a trip on a shoestring budget!

Youll never regret traveling. If not now, when?

Instead of counting down the days to the weekend, isnt it more exciting to countdown to your next grand adventure? Youre never going to have as much time on your hands (and as much good health!) than you do right now. Dont wait for the world to pass you by!

Youll be able to appreciate where you are and what you have, right here and now.

Sometimes, we take the people and places that were used to for granted ? thats normal. ?But theres nothing like being away from home that makes you love it even more ? Your siblings arent as annoying as you thought they were, and man do you miss your moms cooking. Youll definitely be able to better appreciate how much Allah?has blessed us