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At Bookalokal, we live, work and travel the world. No matter where we go, it’s always food that brings people together. Our aim is simple: to make it easy and safe to share an authentic food experience with people anywhere in the world. Bookalokal was founded by Evelyne White – an avid host, harpist, travel enthusiast and former investor from New York. Before founding Bookalokal, Evelyne worked across the US and Europe, investing in companies with a focus on energy and sustainability. She studied music and politics at Oberlin College and has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Our Packages

+BELGIAN DINNER (Bookalokal Host: Fatima)


Price: $48 USD
Other Information:Meals available Halal. Starter Fillet of sole with mussels, shrimps and a cream sauce of Deus. Main Dish or Food Experience Beef stew with We...More Details

+Carbonnades a la Flamande - Belgium (Bookalokal Host: Eliza)


Price: $35 USD
Other Information:This a night where we get appreciate the Flamish part of Belgium by eating their delicious and common dish, and for the final touch, an African des...More Details

+Vegan Dinner (Bookalokal Host: Theresa)


Price: $25 USD
Other Information:Starter Beetroot Ginger soup Main Dish or Food Experience Vegan Lasagna with veggies Dessert cake Drinks Tea, juice, wine...More Details

+The BBQ Jackfruit Experience | World's Largest Tree Fruit (Bookalokal Host: Amanda)

Rockville, Maryland

Price: $15 USD
Other Information:I want to show you how to take the world's largest tree fruit and turn it into something we all love, Pulled BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches! We will ...More Details


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