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155 Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lampur
50400 Malaysia

Rakyat Travel Sdn Bhd was established with the aim of participating in the aggressively expanding Malaysian tourism industry. We are a part of the Bank Rakyat, the largest co-operative in Malaysia. Entering into its relentless growth, Rakyat Travel now is set to take the tourism industry to greater heights and we are well poised to expand our business scope and become a fully- fledged travel company. Through Rakyat Travel, we now take care of the travel arrangements for over thousand passengers every year. We draw on knowledge gained from our involvement in many different market sectors to continually improve the service to our clients. We deliver quality services based on honesty and integrity.

Our Packages

+Rakyat Travel Tour of Brunei

Bandar Seri Bagawan

Price: 840 Malaysian Ringgit
Other Information:Malay Technology Muzeum, Brunei Muzeum, Royal Mausoleum of Sultan Bolkia, Tamu Kianggeh, Jamek Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque, the oldest market -Tamu...More Details

+Rakyat Travel 5D4N Tour of UZBEKISTAN

Tashkent, Samarkhand, and Bukhara

Price: 2200 Malaysian Ringgit
Other Information:This tour will introduce the architectural marvels of world famous ancient cities on the Great Silk Road – Bukhara and Samarkand, known also as h...More Details


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