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Le Riad - Tell a Story

The Fatimids founded al Qahira known today as Cairo.

Shortly after the taking of Fustat in 996 AD.

Al Qahira was designed to house only the governing elite. Old town Cairo perhaps more properly thought of as Medevil Cairo is an area of narrow streets, covered markets and old buildings. Of old Cairo this quarter most evokes its past, and in many ways has changed very little. It has inspired many writings, from Arabian nights to the works of the modern Nobel loureate Naguib Mahfouz. Getting lost amongst the winding alleys is almost inevitable and even enjoyable. This early Fatimid Town hosts a luxury boutique hotel “Le Riad” inspired by the surrounding environment and architecture. “Le Riad” suites facing Beit El Sehemy and its exceptional Ottoman houses. All 17 suites reflect Old town Cairo architecture “Al Qahira”, rich warm colors, Fatimid fabrics, local talented paintings dating back to the era of architectural, music, lifestyle and love.

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